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Organized tours

Srima in the geographical center of the county which all destinations valuable to see made ​​available for one day. Two national parks and three monument protected by UNESCO - the biggest mountain peak in Croatia are close by: 
Kornati National Park, which counted hundreds of islands, islets and rocks, and represents indented group of islands in the Mediterranean. 
Krka National Park is 50 km long area along the Sava River Krka and Čikola with a number of historical monuments, natural phenomena and stunning landscapes. 
10 kilometers from Srime the Renaissance city of Sibenik. It is the Chair of St. James, who is under the protection of UNESCO. The only church in the world with a stone roof made ​​of what technique they used coopers in the 15th century. This stunning finale gives the illusion as if the whole church cast in one piece. Across the hall, which holds the most beautiful in Dalmatia. 60 km to the north of the city of Knin, with the largest fortification in Dalmatia, a medieval fortress from the 10th century, the source of the Krka river, waterfall Krčić, and the biggest mountain peak in Croatia Dinara mountain, 1831m. 
70 km along the coast to the southeast of the Renaissance city of Trogir and 10 km away is the town of Split, grew up around the Roman emperor Diocletian. One of the last great Roman rulers known by dividing the empire into 4 parts. For all your requirements we are at your disposal to organize your trip.